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Latest InformationAnnual General Meeting 2017


At JCIA's Annual General Meeting held on 26th June 2017, 2016 annual report , 2016 annual financial statements and 2017 business plan were approved.
Fourteen of previous Directors and two of previous Auditors were re-elected and Mr. Masami YAMAUCHI (Managing Director, Nikkaren) was appointed new Director and Ryuji SUKEGAWA (President & CEO, Kyoei Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd) was appointed new Auditor.

At the Board meeting held after the AGM, Mr. Hiroshi NAKASEKO (President of Zenrosai) was appointed new Chairperson. Mr. Hiroyuki NISHIOKA (JCIA) and Mr. Shin YAGISHITA (JCIA) were reappointed Senior Managing Director and Managing Director, respectively.