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About JCIAMessage from the Chairperson

June 28, 2018
Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated
Hiroshi NAKASEKO, Chairperson

 The Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated (JCIA) sincerely appreciates your continued support and cooperation.

 Cooperative and commercial insurance, which people take out for peace of mind in their daily life, are being desired to develop in various ways as social conditions change and technological innovation advances.
 And now, it is predicted that during the era of the ongoing "fourth industrial revolution", the wide use of the Internet of things (IoT), SNS, mobile, and cloud services will change our lifestyle and the innovation of technology (AI, telematics, wearable computing, robotization, etc.) will most likely make a great impact on every scene of cooperative business.
 In the near future, it will be necessary for cooperative insurers to make efforts to develop interfaces and communication methods with members and policy holders , as well as to improve products and business styles of cooperative insurance to suit social changes.

 At the ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation) Conference held in October of 2017, under the theme of "Redesigning Insurance.", a variety of challenges associated with cooperative insurance business were discussed that cooperatives may face in the future, including the understanding of emerging risks and new markets, the further strengthening of trust relationships with concerned parties, and introduction of the latest technology in offering protection. In addition, the "Young Leaders Program" was offered, which is designed to promote exchange among the next generation of leaders.
 This is a proof that verifies that the world is moving forward, looking at the future.

 Taking into consideration changes in the environment surrounding cooperative and commercial insurance, JCIA has been re-acknowledging the theories and activities of Toyohiko Kagawa, "Father of the Japanese Cooperative Insurance" for the purpose of reaffirming the starting point of cooperatives and the cooperative insurance business.
 While reviewing them, we have recognized that "humans are living creatures who support each other"; in other words, they cannot exist without mutual dependence. We have learned, accordingly, that we should form friendships and help each other by taking actions focused on "empathy" and "coexistence", and further, that such friendships should be extended and passed to the next generation. Even now the theories and activities of Toyohiko Kagawa have been spreading worldwide.
 The cooperatives were recognized as one of the partners suited to realizing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by a UN summit in September 2015. And a pledge, "No one will be left behind," was made to achieve to these goals. This pledge is identified with the theories of Toyohiko Kagawa
 The cooperative insurance business is an "operation to share (ease) the pain of other collaborating (participating) members." Every cooperative organization carries out various activities centered around the principle of "protection." And communities in which people empathize and support each other, and live together, are formed through such activities. This is the spirit of cooperative insurance, which has been handed down to the present day since the cooperatives' cooperative insurance business started.
 I am convinced that increasing membership and promoting cooperative insurance through cooperative insurance business can help the outward expansion of community activities by our members and realize "a society without leaving anyone behind".
 Also in 2018, JCIA will study further the future of cooperatives and the cooperative insurance business in corporation with every concerned party.
 JCIA will continue to make efforts to promote further development of cooperatives and cooperative insurance business in cooperation and coordination with member societies and affiliated organizations with a view to strengthening ties among people, deepening collaboration with cooperative insurers, stabilizing the lives, and improving the welfare of people engaged in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries as well as other workers.
 In closing, I would like to ask for your continued understanding and support for this Association's activities.