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About Cooperative InsuranceWhat is Cooperative Insurance?

What is a Cooperative?

A Cooperative is a non-profit organization established voluntarily by a group of people who desire to improve their lives and carry out various activities.
Anyone who provides sponsorship, in accordance with the terms and conditions of each organization, can become a member of a Cooperative. The members of a Cooperative are able to take advantage of various services offered by each Cooperative and can ensure that the management of the business is a reflection of their own views. As symbolized by the slogan, "One for all and all for one," Cooperatives aim to protect and enrich the lives of their members based on the concept of cooperation among people.
The services of Cooperatives are wide-ranging and related to all aspects of our daily life, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries, purchasing, credit, mutual assistance, job creation, travel, housing, welfare, and medical care.
Cooperatives around the world share the values that the members believe and the principles to put these values into practice. Especially, they are internationally expected to serve as one of the organizations to be able to resolve or relieve widening discrepancies in each country including unemployment, poverty, and disparity.

What is Cooperative Insurance?

The Cooperative Insurance is a mutual aid system where the members share their premium to establish mutual assets, and the funds are paid out at times of unexpected contingencies, to compensate for the financial deficit and stabilize the lives of the members and their family in preparation for various risks that jeopardize our daily life, from the death, hospitalization or house damage to traffic accidents.