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About JCIAMain Activities

1. Research and Studies

  • Conducting research and study activities and expressing opinions to address issues that are common to the member societies (e.g. the revision of laws, etc.).
  • Research on basic cooperative insurance theory conducted by the "Research Committee on Cooperative Insurance Theory," comprised mainly of researchers.
  • Keeping track of trends in the cooperative/commercial insurance business and exchanging information.

2. Human Resources Development and Training

  • Holding training seminars in order to improve the skills of the officers and staff of cooperative insurers, and provide information for the member societies and related organization.
  • Support for training seminars operated by the member societies.

3. Public Relations and Publications

  • Publishing a monthly journal "Cooperative and Commercial Insurance," and the annual statistical material "Cooperative Insurance Yearbook" etc.
  • Publishing "Cooperative insurance in Japan Fact Book."
  • Holding "JCIA Seminars" with the aim of raising awareness of cooperatives and the cooperative insurance business, and considering various social issues.

4. Promotion of Mutual Exchanges

  • Promotion of cooperation and coordination among the member societies.
  • Cooperation with the cooperative insurance-related organizations.

5. International Activity

  • Cooperation with overseas cooperatives and cooperative insurers such as International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and International Cooperative and Mutual insurance Federation (ICMIF).
  • Conducting research and studies on trends in the situation concerning cooperative/commercial insurance in overseas.
  • Dissemination of information to overseas countries.

6. Consultations

  • Providing consultations for general matters and complaints by telephone regarding cooperative insurance business operated by the member societies.
  • Support for the resolution of disputes that has been certified by the Minister of Justice under the Act on Promotion of the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (the ADR Promotion ACT).