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About Cooperative InsuranceWhich Organizations are Cooperative Insurers?

Cooperative Laws stipulate the grounds and conditions of cooperative insurance business and the organizations, managements, and regulations of Cooperative Insurers. In accordance with the kinds of cooperatives there are 4 Cooperative Laws: Agricultural Cooperative Society Law, The Fisheries Cooperative Association Law, The Consumers' Livelihood Cooperative Society Law, and Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Cooperative Act.

List of Member Societies, their Governing Laws and Administrative Offices

Governing Laws

Administrative Offices of Governing Laws

Name of JCIA Member Societies

Agricultural Cooperative Society Law

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives)

The Fisheries Cooperative Association Law

Kyosuiren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Fishery Co-operatives)

The Consumers' Livelihood Cooperative Society Law

Ministry of Health,Labor and Welfare

1. Kokumin Kyosai co-op (National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives)
2. Zenkokuseikyoren (The Federation of Japanese Consumer Cooperatives)
3. CO-OP Kyosairen (Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers'Co-operatives Federation)
4. Seikyo Zenkyoren (Japan Federation of Mutual Aid Cooperatives)
5. Kanagawa Kenmin Kyosai (The Kanagawa Kenmin-Kyosai Consumer's Cooperative Insurance)Note 1
6. Boseikyo (Consumer Co-operative of Ministry of Defense)
7. Nihon Saikyosairen (Japan Reinsurance Federation of Consumers' Cooperatives)

Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Cooperative Act

Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry

1. Nikkaren (National Federation of Fire Insurance Co-operatives for Small Business)
2. Kokyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Truck Transport Co-operatives)Note 2
3. Zenjikyo (National Federation of Motor Insurance Copoeratives)
4. Chusairen (Small and Medium size Enterprise Welfare Cooperative Insurance Federation)Note 3
5. Kaigyoui Kyosai (Cooperative of Mutual Insurance for Medical Practitioners)Note 4

The Regulator of each Member Society is as same as the Administrative Offices of Governing Laws unless otherwise stated in Notes
Note 1:The Regulator is Kanagawa Prefecture
Note 2:The Regulator is the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Note 3:The Regulator is Tokyo Prefecture
Note 4:The Regulator is Nagano Prefecture