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About Cooperative InsuranceWhich organizations are cooperative insurers?

There are a number of cooperative insurers in Japan. The table below gives a list of cooperative insurers and laws that led to the establishment of each organization. There are roughly two types of cooperative insurance businesses: insurance business that is conducted by the government as an economic policy based on a predetermined budget under special laws, and operated by cooperative associations, etc., and insurance business that was established based on laws other than special laws and is aimed at stabilizing and improving the welfare and economic status of the subscribers.  The latter can be classified into cooperative insurance established based on each cooperative society law and other insurance schemes.

Classification of Cooperative Insurance by the Governing Law

  Governing Law Administrative
Office of
Governing Law
Cooperative Insurance
not provided 
by Special Law
The Agricultural Cooperative Ministry of Agriculture, ・Zenkyoren (Note 1)
Society Law Forestry and Fisheries
The Fisheries Cooperative Ministry of Agriculture, ・Kyosuiren (Note 2)
Association Law Forestry and Fisheries
The Consumers’ Livelihood Ministry of Health, ・Zenrosai (Note 3)
Cooperative Society Law Labor and Welfare ・Zenkokuseikyoren (Note 4)
・CO-OP Kyosairen (Note 5)
・Seikyo Zenkyoren (Note 6)
・Kanagawa Kenmin Kyosai (Note 7)
・Daigaku Seikyo Kyosairen (Note 8)
・Boeisyo Seikyo (Note 9) 
・Nihon Saikyosairen (Note 10)
The Law on Cooperatives of  Ministry of Economy, ・Nikkaren (Note 11)
Small and Medium  Trade and Industry
Cooperative Insurance
by Special Law
Enterprises, etc. Financial Service Agency
Ministry of Economy, ・Zenjikyo (Note 12)
Trade and Industry ・Chusairen (Note 13)
Ministry of Land, ・Kokyoren (Note 14)
Infrastructure and Transport
Cooperative Insurance
by Special Law
The Compensation against
Agricultural Loss Law
Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry and Fisheries,
・NOSAI Kyokai (Note 15)

(Only the member societies of JCIA are listed above, and all the governing law and cooperative societies are not listed.)

・Note 1, Zenkyoren: National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
・Note 2, Kyosuiren:National Mutual Insurance Federation of FisheryCo-operatives
・Note 3, Zenrosai: National Federation of Workers and ConsumersInsurance Cooperatives
・Note 4, Zenkokuseikyoren: The Federation of Japanese ConsumerCooperatives
・Note 5, CO-OP Kyosairen: Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers'Co-operatives Federation
・Note 6, Seikyo Zenkyoren: Japan Federation of Mutual AidCooperatives
・Note 7, Kanagawa Kenmin Kyosai: The Kanagawa Kenmin-Kyosai Consumer'sCooperative Insurance
・Note 8, Daigaku Seikyo Kyosairen: University Co-operatives MutualFederation
・Note 9, Boeisyo Seikyo:Consumer Co-operative of Ministry of Defense
・Note10, Nihon Saikyosairen: Japan Reinsurance Federation of Consumers' Cooperatives
・Note11, Nikkaren: National Federation of Fire Insurance Co-operatives forSmall Business
・Note12, Zenjikyo: National Federation of Motor Insurance Cooperatives
・Note13, Chusairen: Small and Medium size Enterprise Welfare CooperativeInsurance Federation
・Note14, Kokyoren: National Mutual Insurance Federation of Truck TransportCo-operatives
・Note15, NOSAI Kyokai: National Agricultural Insurance Association