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Kensei Shinjuku Bldg. 6F, 5‐5‐3,
Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160‐0022, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5368-5751


The purpose of JCIA shall be to promote sound development of the cooperative insurance businesses operated by cooperatives, thereby contributing to stabilizing the lives and improving the welfare of people engaged in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries as well as other employees and workers in local communities.


After World War II, quite a few cooperative insurance societies were established and have subsequently developed in Japan. Cooperative insurance has steadily spread its network of cooperation and drawn further attention from the society as an entity supporting many members' life.

In these surroundings, cooperation and exchanges between cooperative insurers with common philosophy and base had been increasing, and there has arisen a need to establish a framework to share and coordinate the opinions of these societies in order to deal with common issues.

Under these circumstances, in April 1992, the Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated (JCIA) was established through the integration of seven cooperative organizations as a body to promote cooperation and coordination among cooperative insurance societies.

After an establishment, JCIA has developed some activities, such as research and study, training, publication, lectures, holding seminars, conducting "Research Committee on Cooperative Insurance Theory" in order to deal with common issues among the member societies and to promote exchanges between cooperative insurers.

Meanwhile, JCIA had developed cooperation with cooperative insurers in overseas, for example, joining International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) as an observer member in 1994. JCIA also recruited other cooperative insurers for expanding member societies.

JCIA established the Consumer Consultation Department in 2003 as the third party body with the aim of consultation and support for the resolution of complaints from cooperative insurance policyholders. It was certified by the Minister of Justice under the ADR Promotion Act in 2010.

JCIA mapped out "The direction of JCIA" in 2011 in order to appropriately respond to change in the business situation and the revision of laws. It was noted that JCIA was positioned as "the organization which encourage cooperation among cooperative insurance societies" and an important point of business activities was "common benefit activities for member societies, also public interest activities in order to promote social understanding of cooperative insurance business as needed."

JCIA made a transition to a general incorporated association in April 2013, responding to a reform of the public interest corporation.

JCIA joined International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) as an associate member in 2014 in order to promote cooperation with overseas cooperatives.

At present, JCIA consists of 12 full members, 1 first-class supporting member and 4 second-class supporting members.

History highlights
1992 April JCIA was established through reorganization of the "Society of Research on Cooperative and Commercial Insurance" (founded in 1959). 
When established, JCIA had seven cooperative insurance organization members.
・National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Zenkyoren)
・National Mutual Insurance Federation of Fishery Co-operatives (Kyosuiren)
・National Federation of Forest Owners' Cooperative Associations (Zenmoriren)
・National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives (Zenrosai)
・National Federation of University Cooperative Associations (Zenkoku Daigaku Seikyoren)
・National Federation of Fire Insurance Co-operatives for Small Business (Nikkaren)
・National Federation of Motor Insurance Cooperatives (Zenjikyo)
June National Mutual Insurance Federation of Truck Transport Co-operatives (Kokyoren) joined JCIA.
1994 April Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU) joined JCIA.
September JCIA joined International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) as an observer member.
1995 February Japan Federation of Mutual Aid Cooperatives (JAFMAC) joined JCIA.
1996 April National Reinsurance Federation of Workers and Consumers Cooperatives (Zenrosai Saikyosairen) joined JCIA.
Kyoei Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company (Kyoei Fire) and National Agricultural Insurance Association Incorporated (NAIA) joined JCIA as supporting members.
JCIA held the events to commemorate the 5th year of its foundation.
1997 April National Mutual Insurance Federation of Co-operatives for Small and Medium Enterprises(Chusho-Kigyo Kyosai) joined JCIA.
Kyoei Kasai Sinral Life Insurance Company Ltd. (Kyoei Kasai Shinrai Seimei) joined JCIA as a new supporting member.
2002 April JCIA supporting member, Kyoei Mutual Fire & Marine Insurance Co. (which was reorganized to Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2003) changed its status to a full member.
JCIA held the events to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its foundation.
2003 July JCIA established Customer Consultation Department within the organization.
2004 June National Association for Workers Welfare and Cooperative Insurance (Zenrosai Kyokai) joined JCIA.
2006 July The Federation of Japanese Consumer Cooperatives, FJCC (Zenkokuseikyoren) joined JCIA.
2009 March With the establishment of Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers' Co-operative Federation(JCIF) separated from Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union(JCCU), JCCU withdrew from JCIA and JCIF joined JCIA in turn.
2010 January JCIA obtained the certification approval from the Minister of Justice under the Act on Promotion of Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
October With the establishment of University Cooperatives Mutual Aid Federation (UCMAF) separated from National Federation of University Cooperative Associations (NFUCA), NFUCA withdrew from JCIA and UCMAF joined JCIA in turn.
2012 June JCIA held a celebration commemorating the 20th anniversary of its foundation.
JCIA published “20 years of JCIA History.”
October JCIA held the JCIA seminar under the auspices of Japan National Planning Committee for IYC 2012.
JCIA issued the collection of papers and lectures commemorating the 20th anniversary of its foundation and 2012 International Year of Cooperatives.
2013 April JCIA moved to a general incorporated association responding to the public interest corporation reform.
Three organizations, which were Consumer Co-operative of Ministry of Defense (Boeisyo Seikyo), The Kanagawa Kenmin-Kyosai Consumer's Cooperative Insurance (Kanagawa Kenmin Kyosai), and Small and Medium size Enterprise Welfare Cooperative Insurance Federation (Chusairen), joined as a supporting member respectively.
2014 July JCIA joined International Co-perative Alliance (ICA) as an associate member.
2016 October JCIA published the 700th issue of Cooperative and Commercial Insurance since its first issue in1959.
2018 October Kaigyoui Kyosai joined as a supporting member.

Management Structure

Management Structure
Kyosai : cooperative insurance in Japanese
Hoken : commercial insurance in Japanese

Board Members

As of October 1, 2022

Chairperson (Representative Director)

Masami HIROTA (President, Kokumin Kyosai coop)

Senior Managing Director (Executive Director)

Masahiro YOKOYAMA(JCIA-Full Time)

Managing Director (Executive Director)

Satoshi TAKANO (JCIA-Full Time)


Hakuo AOE(Chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Zenkyoren )
Akio TAKADA(Senior Managing Director, JF Kyosuiren)
Minao NODA (President, Saikyosairen)
Toshiaki WADA (President, CO-OP Kyosairen)
Koji YOSHII (President, Zenkoku Seikyoren)
Koichi HAYASHI (President, Seikyo Zenkyoren)
Yuji MURANAGA (Senior Managing Director, Nikkaren) 
Kohei GOTO(Senior Managing Director, Kokyoren)
Rikio KOZU(President, Zenrosai Kyokai)
Kazuaki SHIMADA (President, Hoken-Kenkyujo Co. Ltd.)
Etsuko MASUDA (President, Zensokyo)
Koji INOUE(JCIA-Full Time)
Keiji SEI(JCIA-Full Time)


Masayuki NAKAYASU (Vice-president, Zenjikyo)
Hironori ISHITOYA (President & CEO, Kyoei Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.)