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Latest InformationThe fifth Business Study Workshop for fiscal 2015 was held.


JCIA holds business study workshops with the aim of taking advantage of the information provided by the workshop and would like executives and regular employees of the member societies to have better understanding of the domestic and international themes, in which the member societies are highly interested and which are likely to have an impact on their cooperative insurance operations.
The fifth business study workshop for fiscal 2015 was held as follows,

- Date: Monday 7th December 2015
- Venue: Shufukaikan Plaza-f
-Theme: Sustainable transportation system
‐The change by automatic operations in the mobility world.
-Lecturer: Yoshihiro Suda, Dr.Eng., Professor of the University of Tokyo, Director of Advanced Mobility Research Center(ITS center) in the Institute of Industrial Science.

Mr. Suda gave a lecture on automatic operations and the previous development and mechanism of ITS technology, using data and pictures. In addition, by explaining current developments of those technologies and the latest domestic and overseas movement for their introduction, he provided commentaries on upcoming social reformation due to the changes of the legal and social systems.
This lecture is going to be placed in our monthly magazine "Cooperative and Commercial Insurance" April issue.