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Latest InformationThe third Business Study Workshop for fiscal 2015 was held.


JCIA holds business study workshops with the aim of taking advantage of the information provided by the workshop and would like executives and regular employees of the member societies to have better understanding of the domestic and international themes, in which the member societies are highly interested and which are likely to have an impact on their cooperative insurance operations.
The third business study workshop for fiscal 2015 was held as follows,

- Date: Thursday 3rd September 2015
- Venue: Lecture Hall, Shinjuku Historical Museum
-Theme: Observation on Asia's economic and financial situation with a suggestive comment for the Japanese economy.
-Lecturer: Naoyuki Yoshino, CEO of Asian Development Bank Institute, Professor Emeritesat Keio University
Mr. Yoshino gave a lecture on the current situation and problems of the Japanese economy, describing it from various points of view; the status of Japan in the international society, Japanese economic policy, population ratio by- generation, social security, JGB holding ratio and so on.
As many as 67 people participated in the workshop mainly from a wide range of departments of member societies of the JCIA such as management planning, risk management, and finance department.