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Latest InformationThe first Business Study Workshop for fiscal 2012 was held.


Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated holds business study workshops with the aim of contributing to facilitation of the cooperative insurance business by helping executives and regular employees of the member societies understand the latest domestic and international issues, in which the member societies are highly interested and which are likely to have an impact on their cooperative insurance operations.

The first Business Study Workshop for fiscal 2012 was held as follows,

- Date: Thursday, 26th April, 2012
- Place: Shinjuku Historical Museum
- Theme : Enterprise Risk Management and Economic Capital
- Lecturer: David Boettcher, Executive Vice President & EOO, RGA International Corporation

Mr. D. Boettcher, FSA, FCIA, MAAA, who has a global and rich knowledge of financial needs in the life insurance business world, gave a detailed explanation of ERM, the discipline by which an organization controls, assesses and optimizes risk in the enterprise wide for the purpose of increasing the value of risk management and of Economic Capital, a key metric within an ERM framework.

As many as 49 persons participated in the workshop from a wide range of departments of member societies of the JCIA.