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About JCIAMessage from the Chairperson

January 4, 2018
Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated
Hiroshi NAKASEKO, Chairperson

In the increasingly challenging security environment that surrounds Japan, now more than ever since the end of the war, this year will give us more opportunities to contemplate the safety and security of the Japanese people.
And now, it is apparent that the ongoing "fourth industrial revolution" will definitely bring about changes in the area of cooperative and commercial insurance.
As the Internet of things (IoT), the wide use of SNS and mobile and cloud services have changed our lifestyle, changes in our efforts to promote cooperative insurance will also be required. The innovation of technology (AI, telematics, wearable computing, robotization, etc.) will most likely make a great impact on cooperative insurance systems as well as communication among members and users. The use of big data and personal data, and advances in medical technologies will also change the assumption of risks.
Moreover, today it is very common for people to use the Internet and SNS as tools for information collection and communication. Networking among people is now done via these tools to build a "community."
How should we develop our cooperative insurance business in the community and in the world, where the use of new technology has been established, in order to win continued support from our members - we recognize this is the challenge assigned to us.

In October of last year, the ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation) Conference 2017 was held under the theme of "Redesigning Insurance." At the conference, a variety of challenges associated with cooperative insurance business were discussed that cooperatives may face in the future, including the understanding of emerging risks and new markets, the further strengthening of trust relationships with concerned parties, and introduction of the latest technology in offering protection. In addition, the "Young Leaders Program" was offered, which is designed to promote exchange among the next generation of leaders.
The world is certainly going forward into the future.

Taking into consideration changes in the environment surrounding cooperative and commercial insurance, the Association organized a seminar in November of last year for the purpose of reaffirming the starting point of cooperatives and the cooperative insurance business, and considering future directions. The seminar focused on the theories and activities of Toyohiko Kagawa, the "Father of the Japanese Cooperative Insurance."
The seminar helped us re-acknowledge Kagawa's experiences which had led him to think about problems with Japanese society, the conviction he gained from his own tough experiences, and achievements he made in his lifelong effort to realize a society of cooperation here and overseas throughout the prewar and postwar periods. Through these studies, we regained and shared a deeper understanding of the values of cooperative insurance business, through which cooperatives provide protection.

The theories of Toyohiko Kagawa have been reflected in a variety of activities worldwide. The cooperatives were recognized as partners suited to realizing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by a UN summit in September 2015. And a pledge, "No one will be left behind," was made to achieve to these goals.
The cooperative insurance business is an "operation to share (ease) the pain of other collaborating (participating) members." Every cooperative organization carries out various activities centered around the principle of "protection." And communities in which people empathize and support each other, and live together, are formed through such activities. This is the spirit of cooperative insurance, which has been handed down to the present day since the cooperatives' cooperative insurance business started.
To increase membership and promote the use of cooperative insurance through cooperative insurance business simply helps the outward expansion of community activities by our members. In the same way as many years past, we must continue in our efforts to enroll more members without leaving anyone behind.
It is crucial to have the spirit of Toyohiko Kagawa take root in every activity of respective cooperatives, and to make cooperative insurance respond flexibly to changes brought by the time and environment, for the stable lifestyle and welfare enhancement of all members in the community.

The Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated (JCIA) will continue to deepen collaboration with member societies and affiliated organizations for further advancement of cooperatives and the cooperative insurance business.
In closing, I would like to ask for your continued understanding and support for this Association's activities.