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2010 / 9 / 21
JCIA held the 2010 JCIA seminar.

JCIA held the 2010 JCIA seminar.

Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated (JCIA) held the 25th JCIA seminar on 14th September 2010 in Tokyo, which was attended by about 150 participants from the member societies of JCIA.
Invited to the seminar, Professor Yoichi Nakamura, who chairs "Social Business Promotion Initiatives" supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, gave a lecture with "Social Business and Role of Cooperative Insurers in the 21st century social design" as its subject.
At the lecture Professor Nakamura presented the social business activities touching on the concrete cases, and talked that these activities would create the new industries and employments through a solution to the social problem, and that it was expected for these activities to play an important role as those who shoulder the regional, social and economic vitalization, and these expectations would also apply to the cooperative societies, which were made up by producers, workers and consumers with the aim of keeping up a living.
At the question-and-answer session, a number of demands and questions were brought up such as "please present the collaboration cases of cooperative societies and social business" or "what kind of motivation would need to be provided in order to bring up the talented people with much enthusiasm".
After the lecture an impression was given from the attendants that they could mull over the future means of a solution to the social problem and the role which cooperative societies should play.